Industry Spotlights

Publishers Rely on Email to Drive Readership

Publishers have been increasing their reliance on email tactics to drive traffic and readers to their websites

In-the-Trenches View of Ad Blocking

A recent poll of my network revealed how in-the-trenches media professionals are dealing with the growing issue of ad blocking

Email Advertising for Restaurants

Email advertising increases restaurant brand preference with customer groups, builds loyalty, and is proven to drive traffic into

Entertainment Industry Spotlight: Connecting with Fickle Consumers

Whether you're promoting a professional sports team, a NASCAR race, a movie opening, a rock concert, a gallery exhibition, subscriptions to a symphony orchestra season

CPG Spotlight: Regrowing Brand Loyalty

Over the past three years, many Consumer Packaged Goods marketers like you have seen brand loyalty decline as consumers changed their shopping behavior in response to ongoing economic hardship

Casino and Gaming Industry Spotlight: Cost-effectively Attracting New Players

Like most casino, lottery, and other gaming operators, you're probably still recovering from the slowdown induced by the recession

Healthcare and Wellness Spotlight: Reaching Decision-Making Consumers

When it comes to health and wellness products and services, more consumers are making their own purchase decisions. How are you going to reach them before your competition?

Nonprofit Spotlight: Cost-effectively Attracting New Members and Donors

>As a nonprofit marketer or agency partner, you're under more pressure than ever to reach and engage new members, program participants, volunteers, and donors

Financial Services Spotlight: Reaching Consumers at the Right Time in Their Financial Planning Cycle

Banks, credit unions, investment firms, mortgage providers, insurance companies, and other financial services providers are competing intensely to remain profitable during the current economic cycle

Retail Spotlight: Reaching More Consumers with Relevant Messages

From high-margin luxury fashion and jewellery to budget household goods and pet products, today's online and bricks and mortar retailers are being squeezed like never before to remain profitable

Telecom Spotlight: How to Lure Subscribers Away from Your Competitors

Providers of internet, TV, phone, mobile, or multiple telecom services need to cost-effectively and consistently steal customers away from their competitors in order to sustain growth

Automotive Spotlight: Reaching In-Market Car Buyers

Automotive manufacturers, dealers and industry-focused agencies struggle to cost-effectively target their advertising toward people who are currently "in market" for a vehicle