Retail Spotlight: Reaching More Consumers with Relevant Messages

Retail SpotlightFrom high-margin luxury fashion and jewellery to budget household goods and pet products, today’s online and bricks and mortar retailers are being squeezed like never before to remain profitable. When looking to cost-effectively grow your base of loyal, valuable customers in such a crowded, competitive market, you need to quickly and efficiently home in on the right people and deliver relevant messages at the right time. Like most retailers, your current media investments may be falling short because they lack accountability and are not sufficiently targeted.

Enriched Email List Rental helps retailers and their media agencies cost-effectively create targeted email advertising. A continuously compiled, enriched, and verified email address list gives you the ability to target consumers of retail goods by hundreds of characteristics, including:

  • location, age, gender, income, occupation,
  • marital and family status,
  • home ownership, decorating, and renovation interests,
  • leisure activities, travel interests, hobbies, health choices,
  • pet ownership,
  • consumer electronics ownership and interests,
  • online shopping behaviour, and
  • many more

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