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For over 20 years, we’ve helped leading agencies and top brands increase performance by delivering intelligent, hyper-targeted, and data-driven campaigns.

The Future Flow Media Approach.

Future Flow Media’s philosophy of helping advertisers reach the most targeted and responsive audiences online is powered by our integrated multi-channel approach, signature campaign methodology, and expertise from working with the world’s best brands.

We believe in looking “beyond the obvious” with our clients. From campaign planning to completion, we take the time to understand your requirements and needs to create and execute successful campaigns. Our strategies are not boilerplate; They are crafted from expert and objective analysis of industry-specific trends and best practices. We strive to look deeper, evaluate nuances, pinpoint opportunities, and develop the best execution plans using our signature campaign methodology.

Peter Steele
Peter Steele
Founder and CEO

Peter Steele has founded, built, and sold numerous businesses, including digital marketing agencies, software companies, a boutique tax consulting practice for the high tech industry, and a publishing company in Japan. As the CEO of Future Flow Media, he has overseen it grow from a start-up to a dynamic digital media leader.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Peter is actively involved with several worthwhile organizations. As a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, he served as president of the Vancouver Chapter and a Director on the International Board. He is also an active member of ACETECH, a leadership and networking forum for CEOs in the technology sector.

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SVP, Client Services

"Future Flow Media has impressed us with their campaign production and responsive customer service. Their ability to hyper-target consumers based on very defined attributes has helped us land projects that we otherwise might not have. Future Flow Media takes the hassle out of everyday planning, setup, and delivery of successful digital campaigns."

Integration Supervisor

"Email marketing campaigns are key to our integrated approach. As a brand-building agency for a digital world, it is key that we seamlessly integrate email prospecting into our communication mix to meet our client needs best. Future Flow Media helps us make the most of our email prospecting campaigns, and we are delighted with the company's expert consultants and excellent service."

Director, User Interactions

"Future Flow Media has been a trusted partner over the years to deliver effective and successful hyper-targeted digital campaigns. Our client needed to reach very specifically and hard-to-reach audiences online, and Future Flow Media came through every time. Their customer service, flawless campaign execution, and expert advice make them a great partner to work with."

Marketing Director

"You're easy to buy from!"

Digital Media Director

"Having worked with many organizations that offer a similar service to Future Flow Media, I've always appreciated how solutions-oriented they are. When I work with them, I feel like we're partnering to get the job done right."

Manager of Data & CRM

"Future Flow Media has been a solid partner and a pleasure to work with.  We've been impressed with the accurate work and flexibility of their operations team.  Their data continually shows solid performance."

SVP, Client Services

"You guys are a great partner and we acknowledge and appreciate all of your extra efforts."

Manager, CRM Analytics

"The advertiser said such high things about your team and the fact they have been so patient and brilliant in handling this whole process.  They also said it is such a pleasure to work with Future Flow Media."

SVP Client Engagement

"The advertiser LOVE, LOVE, LOVES your data!"

Account Director

"Of all the companies I work with, Future Flow Media is the one that doesn’t keep me up at night."