Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising

Think you know email list rental? Think again.

Traditional email list rental has a bad reputation. Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising changes everything.

Future Flow Media has reinvented email list rental into a powerful, high-integrity marketing strategy that reaches large, receptive audiences. We call it Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising and it delivers:

  • Absolute subscriber permission integrity
  • Vast audience reach
  • Precisely target email advertising thanks to 150 subscriber profile attributes
  • Subscriber data accuracy and 30-90 day freshness
  • 100% email delivery
  • 50-100% boost in open and click performance
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • Expert, high-touch service

Absolute Email Address List Permission Integrity

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100% permission-based – guaranteed

Our email address list is compiled from reputable companies, such as major publishing brands and popular websites, using strict, permission-based practices that are fully compliant with anti-SPAM laws. Many subscribers are double opt-in, explicitly confirming that they want to receive your relevant messages.

A Vast Email Address List

100 million consumer and 51 million business subscribers

By combining hundreds of reputable sources of permission-based data, we offer you access to a huge, aggregated database of high-integrity opt-in subscribers. Even if you want to target only subscribers with very specific characteristics, you will be able to work with a very large yet relevant set of prospects.

Targeted Email Advertising

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150 subscriber demographic and psychographic attributes

The more relevant your message is to your recipients, the more successful you will be. With 150 profile characteristics to segment with, you can deliver targeted email advertising with rifle-precision.

We painstakingly cross-reference and expand each subscriber record to include 150 demographic and psychographic profile fields. There are almost infinite ways to segment our database to meet your needs:

  • Groups such as students, seniors, families
  • Demographics by age and gender
  • Geographical targeting by zip/postal code, town, region, country
  • Hobby and special interest categories such as finance, travel, sports, communications
  • Occupation, education and income groups
  • dozens more

Subscriber Data Accuracy and 30-90 Day Freshness

Email data typically has a shelf life of only a few months before it becomes stale – it’s no wonder that deliverability and response rates using traditional email list rental usually disappoint. Our Enriched Email List Rental uses automated cleansing algorithms that check email validity and all profile data, enabling our massive database to be refreshed and updated every 30-90 days.

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100% Email Delivery, Guaranteed

Using the world’s freshest, most accurate data, we achieve such high delivery rates that we only charge you for successfully delivered emails. With other list providers, you pay for all emails but less than 70% delivery may be achieved.

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Superior Open and Click Performance

Our targeted email advertising campaigns outperform others by 50-100%

Our ability to precisely deliver relevant messages yields better results. Our open rates average 10-15% with 1-2% click rates. Our best-in-class clients enjoy 20-25% open rates and 3-5% click rates.

The biggest marker of success is repeat business: over 90% of companies run more than 3 campaigns a year and the top performers run dozens or hundreds of email campaigns each year to promote different products or target different markets with specific messages.

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Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Reliable, detailed campaign analytics feed your decision-making. Enriched Email List Rental campaigns deliver basic, advanced, and custom reports to meet your needs. Real-time information tracks: opens, overall click-throughs, and click-throughs by link.

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Expert, High-Touch Service

A knowledgable, trustworthy, and responsive partner

Because you cannot access the email address directly, you need a partner you can count on to deliver the goods and help you shine. We take that responsibility very seriously. We deliver what we promise and respond quickly – guaranteed.

We are not simply a data aggregator; we are online marketing experts who can help you successfully integrate email list rental with your entire marketing mix. Our experienced consultants:

  • smoothly lead you through the entire planning process
  • carefully manage every detail of project execution
  • advise on best practices
  • thoroughly quality assure your campaign
  • help you deploy split testing for optimal performance

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Getting Started with Email List Rental is Easy

Get a free, customized analysis of what Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising can do for you.

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