INFOGRAPHIC: Best Day and Time to Send Emails

INFOGRAPHIC: Best Day and Time to Send Emails

Email advertisers are always trying to dial in the best performing day-of-week and time-of-day to send campaigns.

Email Paired With Social Drives More Purchases

Studies by Fluent show that email advertising, coordinated with social campaigns, boosts engagement and purchases

3 Trends Influencing Digital Advertising

Mobile Ad Spending is Exploding while Desktop is Flat

Winning Content and Customer Experiences

Brand value from a customer perspective is not always decided by the almighty dollar

Publishers Rely on Email to Drive Readership

Publishers have been increasing their reliance on email tactics to drive traffic and readers to their websites

Email Advertisers Should Stop Ignoring Mobile

75% of Americans simply delete emails if they aren’t optimized for mobile

In-the-Trenches View of Ad Blocking

A recent poll of my network revealed how in-the-trenches media professionals are dealing with the growing issue of ad blocking

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