CPG Spotlight: Regrowing Brand Loyalty

Over the past three years, many Consumer Packaged Goods marketers like you have seen brand loyalty decline as consumers changed their shopping behavior in response to ongoing economic hardship. You need to work harder on building closer relationships directly with consumers. In this highly competitive environment, you need to redefine value and differentiate your products for specific customer niches based on quality and branding instead of on price. But building that close relationship is extremely difficult unless you can reach precisely the right people at the right time with the right message.

Top CPG marketers have successfully used Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising to combine hundreds of very specific demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics to connect with and emotionally engage a precisely-targeted audience for a particular offer. They have effectively promoted a wide range of products, including:

  • food products to people who enjoy cooking
  • pet products to pet owners in a specific income bracket
  • a new health drink to higher-income people interested in a healthy lifestyle
  • a low-calorie snack to women who are dieting
  • eco-friendly cleaning products to “green” consumers
  • with a little imagination, the possibilities for targeted campaigns are endless

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