Healthcare and Wellness Spotlight: Reaching Decision-Making Consumers

Health and Wellness SpotlightWhen it comes to health and wellness products and services, more consumers are making their own purchase decisions. How are you going to reach them before your competition? Health is a personal issue. You need a personalized marketing approach, because mass advertising is not targeted to specific ailments or healthcare needs. You need to stand out in an industry that is largely referral-based and intensely competitive. How will you get the right people to view your message?

Imagine being able to precisely deliver targeted email advertising to consumers who live in a given region with narrow demographic profiles like new families shopping for insurance and specific pre-existing health conditions like obesity or diabetes.

With such a detailed view of your prospects, you could:

  • segment and model your market,
  • target the customers of your competitors,
  • deliver your relevant offer to people with specific health ailments and needs,
  • target consumers living in specific areas,
  • test market.

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