Nonprofit Spotlight: Cost-effectively Attracting New Members and Donors

Non Profit SpotlightAs a nonprofit marketer or agency partner, you’re under more pressure than ever to reach and engage new members, program participants, volunteers, and donors. You need to fill the gaps caused by a perennially poor economy, shrinking government support, and stiff competition from other causes and organizations. You’re also experiencing unprecedented demands to be more cost-effective and accountable for your results. These challenges ring true for all nonprofit verticals from performing arts to food banks.

Targeted email advertising through services like Future Flow Media’s Enriched Email List Rental has proven to be one of the most cost-effective tactics to reach and engage constituents. An email address list that is continuously compiled, enriched, and verified for freshness and accuracy provides targeted email advertising based on characteristics like:

  • charitable giving and donations history,
  • location down to zip code,
  • age, gender, education, occupation, income,
  • arts and cultural interests,
  • and much more.

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