Casino and Gaming Industry Spotlight: Cost-effectively Attracting New Players


Like most casino, lottery, and other gaming operators, you’re probably still recovering from the slowdown induced by the recession. You need to compete harder than ever in order to attract, retain, and recover players. It is notoriously difficult to track the impact of your marketing spend in this industry. In such a noisy advertising world, your current media investments may be falling short if they lack accountability and are not sufficiently targeted. Or maybe your current tactics just can’t deliver the wide reach and solid return onĀ investment that you need.

Hyper-targeted email advertising can cost-effectively deliver highly customized messages to the most receptive audience sub-segments to help you stand out from your competition and achieve greater response rates. An email address list that is continuously compiled, enriched, and verified for freshness and accuracy gives you the power to:

  • segment and model your market,
  • target the customers of your competitors,
  • deliver your relevant offer to people with specific gambling and travel interests,
  • target consumers living in specific areas,
  • test market.

To learn more about targeted email advertising for gaming operators, read the full Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising: Casino and Gaming Industry Spotlight.