Email Advertising for Restaurants


Why is Email Advertising Key for a Restaurant’s Brand to Grow?

Email advertising increases restaurant brand preference with customer groups, builds loyalty, and is proven to drive traffic into restaurant locations. It’s currently one of the most underutilized marketing channels in the restaurant industry, providing the opportunity to influence unreached and under-engaged customers.

Digital advertising efforts have never been more important as consumers increasingly make their dining purchasing decisions online. It’s not surprising that:

  • 89% percent of diners research restaurants online before visiting in person. (AIS Media)
  • 57% of respondents stated they make restaurant reservations online, and about 40% of those completed the reservation on the restaurant’s own website. (Cornell University)
  • 67% of Internet users prefer email as the method of communication with brands. (eMarketer 2014)
  • Pizza Hut recently revealed in 2014 that 30% of all sales now come from digital marketing.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising Ensures Successful Digital Campaigns

  • Go beyond the key demographic profiles.
  • Integrate marketing efforts to make each tactic more effective and more valuable.
  • Partner with firms that have proven digital campaign planning and optimization expertise.
  • Stay current on how other restaurant group marketers leverage digital media to attract customers.

Future Flow Media reaches hyper-targeted contacts currently unreached, or under-engaged, by existing digital media efforts and drives more of the best quality traffic that’s been measured and proven to achieve desired dining purchase activities.