When to Use Enriched Email List Rental

Email list rental, when done right, is a bit of a dark horse marketing tactic: the latest form of this targeted email advertising method is not well known to many marketers and media buyers so you may be missing opportunities to make good use of it. You may also be misjudging the impact it can have as a component in your campaign mix. When deployed in the right situation, email list rental drives positive, incremental business results, and it can be tested and measured to prove your return on investment.


Do you have a specific target audience that is hard-to-reach?

Despite a somewhat low profile, data-enriched email list rental is being successfully used by thousands of B2B and B2C companies, including some of the world’s strongest brands. Top marketers carefully plan their campaigns and include email list rental only in situations where it fits and can generate a solid return. In a recent study of over 3,000 enriched email list rental campaigns  the largest returns were realized when it was difficult to cost-effectively reach a very precisely defined audience through traditional media tactics. Successes have been achieved for all types of campaigns, whether the desired response is an online sale, generation of a lead, an opt-in, or just a website visit.


With so much advertising clutter hitting consumers every day, the only way to earn a response is to very precisely define your ideal customer profile then deliver customized, irresistible offers to people who match that profile exactly. A great example of this is described in the case study of  a Fortune 500 company whose target buyers for a new B2B product proved very difficult to reach through print, trade shows, online advertising, and other traditional advertising channels. Targeted email advertising turned out to be the only way they could successfully engage their audience.


Need to extend your reach?

Another situation where enriched email list rental delivers maximum value is when other targeted channels become saturated. For example, your campaign goals and budget may be greater than the traffic volume you can generate from search marketing. In that case, enriched email list rental extends your reach so your campaign can scale to meet your objectives.


ROIMI saves you from the vanity metrics trap

So-called “vanity metrics” like impressions, delivery rates, open rates, and click through rates may make you feel good about the performance of a campaign, but on their own they fall short of providing real insight into the actual business impact of your campaign. It is also somewhat meaningless to compare vanity metrics across different tactics, such as search marketing versus email list rental. What really matters is the quality of the responses generated by each tactic and the ultimate incremental financial impact they have on your business. Return on Incremental Marketing Investment (ROIMI) is the best measure of the short term financial impact of an incremental marketing spend. ROIMI calculates the amount by which the net financial gain from a given tactic exceeds the incremental cost of including it in your marketing mix. Learn how to calculate ROIMI here.


Test and measure to remove speculation

There is often some debate and angst around the inclusion of email list rental in a campaign for the first time. A simple, inexpensive trial campaign with a reputable, full-service email list rental service provider can quickly settle those debates and quell any fears. For a few thousand dollars, you can quickly determine if an email list rental campaign can successfully reach and engage your target audience. A partner with a solid campaign framework and the expertise to help you incorporate best practices to design, test, execute, and measure your trial will help you quantify the business impact that data-enriched email list rental can have on your business. Then you can confidently make fact-based decisions about its role in your future campaigns.


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