The Top 5 Takeaways from Email Summit 2012

The clear message from the MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2012 was that email marketers can no longer get away with sending a single email to a large database, hoping it will be relevant to enough subscribers to generate results. Instead, in session after session, marketers described how they segmented their audiences, delivered targeted content, tested the best messages, and found ways to craft emails that spoke directly to subscribers’ needs and interests.

The top five takeaways, according to this MarketingSherpa article, were:

  • Social login can add subscribers and data – by allowing visitors to register for your site using an account from Facebook, Twitter or another social network, you remove a significant barrier to conversion. You also get additional profile data from those services.
  • Make it easy for subscribers to leave – the second most effective tactic to improve email deliverability is to “provide an easy unsubscribe process,” according to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report.
  • Every part of the email matters – instead of focusing on only the subject line or call-to-action, marketers should realize every email walks readers through a progression of steps: Subject line, Headline, First paragraph, Body copy, and Call-to-action
  • Four rules for an effective program – be relevant, manage the process with discipline, maintain excellent list hygiene, and give subscribers control over their delivery preferences
  • Best practices can save deliverability – use feedback loops from ISPs to receive reports when subscribers marked emails as spam, remove complainers after they marked an email as spam, identify invalid email addresses and remove them, adjust server settings, remove inactive accounts, and apply for white-listing from the major ISPs

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