Case Study: Tourism Board Wins with Fresh, Accurate Email Address Lists

A major State Tourism Board and their agency were under pressure to boost website traffic, increase online referrals to their destination partners, and–ultimately–grow tourism visits to their state. They experimented with several email list rental providers but just weren’t getting results. Deliverability rates were extremely suspect and open and click rates were very disappointing. The problem was a result of stale, inaccurate, un-targeted lists. It was a classic case of “spray and pray”. The Tourism Board felt burned; they wasted six months media budget and had nothing to show for it. Their agency also came off looking bad.

Fortunately, they persisted and turned to Enriched Email List Rental for help. Working with their Future Flow consultant, the State Tourism Board and their agency were able to precisely target their ideal audience: mid-income families with young children, living within driving distance of their state, with interests in specific seasonal outdoor activities, and a history of responding to online offers.

The results? Response rates doubled.

To learn more about the targeted email advertising success, read the full case study:
State Tourism Board Wins with Fresh, Targeted Email Address Lists >