Automotive dealers can now track advertising impact on individual vehicle sales

“I know that half of our advertising budget is wasted, but I don’t know which half.” That old saying is particularly true in the world of automotive dealership marketing. Successful dealerships invest in a multi-channel mix of advertising that spans TV, radio, newspaper, and online tactics. You know that advertising drives showroom visits, but which elements are effective and which are a waste of your money?

Email marketing has always been one of the most measurable advertising tactics, and it just got even better. Imagine being able to look at your sales records for the month and know which recipients of one of your email ad campaigns ultimately purchased a vehicle from you. Future Flow Media’s hyper-targeted email advertising program for automotive dealerships has added that capability to its proven campaign management methodology.

Here’s how the automotive email ad campaign match-back service works:

  1. We sit down with you to understand your business and campaign objectives.
  2. We compile a hyper-targeted list of recipients who match your ideal customer profile and are most likely to be in-market for a new vehicle purchase. Our high-integrity database includes hundreds of demographic, psychographics, and vehicle ownership data points for over 30 million permission-based subscribers. It has been painstakingly compiled, enriched, and verified for accuracy using data from more than 40 sources. It enables you to select recipients based on: vehicle ownership details; gender, age, and dozens of other demographics such as income range, net worth, credit rating, marital status, presence of children, car-related interests and hobbies, history of shopping online for cars and other products, and dozens of other characteristics. Armed with this ability to hyper-target, you can craft customized offers to very specific audiences.
  3. We advise you on best practices for offers, email copy, and landing page creative.
  4. We use a proven methodology to project manage all aspects of the execution of your campaign, including quality assurance, split testing to optimize subject line and other campaign elements, testing cross-browser rendering, real-time monitoring and performance reporting, and more.
  5. The emails are delivered to the recipient list. 100% delivery is guaranteed and superior open and click rates are realized because your offer is highly relevant to each recipient thanks to hyper-targeting.
  6. Your email ad directs visitors to your landing page and dealership website where they can browse, shop, compare, and contact you directly.
  7. For each of your email recipients, we provide their postal address so that throughout and after the campaign you can compare postal information to your sales records to identify matches. This allows you to positively identify individuals who purchased a vehicle from you that were exposed to each delivered email advertisement.

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