5 Ways to Grow Your Email Address List

5 ways to grow your email address listYou probably lose 25% of your email address list every year due to opt-outs and people changing jobs or giving up old email addresses. With that level of attrition, you have to work hard just to maintain your list—and even harder to actually grow it. No wonder that the #1 priority for email marketers is growing their subscriber base, according to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report. Sounding familiar? Fear not. Here are five simple and creative ways to grow your email list for effective targeted email advertising:

1) Make full use of social media. You probably have Google+, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, so put them to work. Your social network followers are already fans; they’re the most likely to be interested in an email newsletter. Have an obvious newsletter signup link on your social network pages. Offer incentives for joining like exclusive offers and content. Include calls-to-action and links to sign up forms at the end of videos on your YouTube channel. Use Pinterest to promote special offers; for example, pin an e-book cover image and link it to a landing page where visitors can sign-up to access that content.

2) Promote online sign-up everywhere. Have a form on every webpage, your blog, and search marketing landing pages. Send a welcome email to those who sign up for other things on your website suggesting they sign up for your newsletter. Run promotions on the websites of your affiliates or partners to access fresh sources of visitors.

3) Boost your sign-up conversion rate. Show them what they’ll get. Have a bullet point list of the benefits to signing up for your newsletter. Provide links to sample emails and your privacy policy. One key to targeted email advertising is to make sure your newsletter actually contains information that is valuable to its subscribers.

4) Don’t forget about offline opportunities to gain subscribers. Use paper forms or a smartphone/tablet app to gather subscribers at trade shows or in-store.

5) Consider email list rental from a reputable agency like Future Flow Media. Email list rental may have a bad reputation in some circles, but if used properly it can be your most effective tool. It’s the fastest way to grow your email address list and target a very specific audience, so that the information you’re sending is actually relevant to its receivers. Make sure the email list provider you select guarantees absolute subscriber permission integrity and 100% email delivery. Contact Future Flow for a free email list rental assessment for your next campaign.

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