3 Ways to Not Poison the Pool


Posted By: Chris O’Neill, VP, Business Development, Future Flow Media


Many of our clients have recently asked about how to increase the quality and reach of their re-targeting pools and marketing databases. I thought you also might be interested, so here’s my two cents on the matter:

Adding new people into a marketing database or re-targeting pool can be challenging – especially trying to capture the right people that match ideal customer personas. Many companies either fail to tag the most valuable web visitors into their re-targeting pool or indiscriminately tag everyone regardless of quality or interest. Other companies will buy email lists (yes, this still happens), load them into their ESP, and let the spam fly.

What are the best ways of increasing hyper-targeted audience reach and engagement?

  1. Use multi-channel re-targeting to keep the highest quality customers interested in your offers. Web site visitors who are re-targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert (cmo.com). The effectiveness is even higher (and still growing) on mobile devices.
  2. Email is still an amazingly effective tool to contact unreached or under-engaged audiences, IF you use the right partner with confirmed permission-based 3rd party opt-in data (no spam and no risk to your brand). 68% of consumers rate email as their number one method for staying in touch with businesses compared to just 5% via social media. (Constant Contact, 2015)
  3. Be diligent and selective with online assets, landing pages, and traffic drivers. Make sure that campaign-specific landing pages aren’t missing the re-targeting code. Segment people, wherever possible, between generic web visitors and people that show you by their actions how interested they are.