How TV and Digital Video Work Together


Nearly half of respondents to a BrightTalk/IAB poll conducted in March 2015 said digital video ads and TV ads were equally effective. And the share of respondents saying digital video was less effective than TV was virtually equal to the share who thought digital video was actually better. While TV maintains its audience with only slight erosion, digital video usage continues to grow in time spent and videos streamed. Digital is still nowhere close to the total consumption or aggregate ad revenue of traditional TV, but video and TV can still work together.

Here are the tips and suggestions from industry leaders on integrating video ads with TV (eMarketer, 2014):

  • Use video to reinforce the larger TV campaign. “We know that when we’re out with a digital video buy, there’s greater recall when our [TV] spot actually airs.” (Amy Peet, Chrysler Group)
  • Use TV for reach and digital video for frequency. “As a cross-media planner, if you’re able to sequence these two things together, you can have them both working in unison—one for reach, one for frequency. TV advertising typically raises the profile and creates a lot of impact. Then it’s supplemented by high frequency, much cheaper inventory bought through video networks, for example, or any programmatic video buy.” (Matthew Waghorn, Huge)


IAB/Neilsen Online Video Study Findings:

  • The duplicated or online + TV reach is shown to be more effective on key brand effect metrics than either platform alone.
  • The sequence of exposure matters: prior exposure to an ad online enhances the impact of the TV exposure.
  • Planning and running online video first can boost how well both the online video and TV portions of a campaign work.
  • Online video ads score higher impact than TV ads on Nielsen measured metrics. Metrics are general recall, brand recall, message recall and ad likeability.
  • Shifting 15% of broadcast media spend to digital video results in a 4% increase in advertiser reach across verticals

Digital video advertising will make up nearly 12% of all digital ad spending in the US this year and is projected to grow significantly faster than search or overall display advertising for the next several years.



According to a study from, most digital video buyers see online video as an essential compliment to TV: