Insights Round Up: July 2015


1. Talking Autos with Yahoo

yahoo autos

Highlights from the July 22nd webinar presented by Yahoo and the CMA: Digital ads are one of the most powerful channels to tap into during the purchase journey of auto buyers.

  • 43% of intenders view digital ads again and again as they research vehicles.
  • Digital ads are also the most influential medium across every phase of the research process.
  • 41% of intenders connect with digital ads in the broad research phase, and they remain the top resource for intenders as they narrow down their auto research and approach the final pre-purchase phase.

See the Yahoo Talking Autos infographic and summary for more.

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2.  What the Top 200 U.S. Advertisers Are Doing to Spend Smarter – Big brands aren’t spending more, they’re getting more efficient. Digital advertising is providing more bang for the billions of bucks and reducing unnecessary marketing costs. “We’re shifting more advertising to digital media, search, social, video and mobile. In general, digital media delivers a higher return on investment than TV or print.” – P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller


3. Busy parents rely on mobile devices for back-to-school shopping – Search interest for “back to school” grew 48% last year, and it’s already up 12% this year. 50% of all this year’s shopping will be on mobile devices, and research is starting earlier than ever before. Making sure your brand has the proper SEM tools in place will be key to a successful back-to-school campaign. 


4.  New research from Standard Media Index: About $1.1 billion in national TV spend was rerouted to digital, of which a staggering 87%, or $960 million, was plundered from broadcast. SMI tracked agency investments over a nine-month period spanning October to June, an interval that more or less corresponds with the broadcast calendar.


5. Millennials are more interested in cars than their older counterparts – Car buyers born after 1980 aren’t driving differently, they’re shopping differently. Not all of them ride fixed gear bikes either, they love their cars. 76% of Millennials would give up social media for a day rather than their car. The biggest challenge facing auto marketers is the adapting the automotive purchase process to this new generation, which means focusing more on SEM and mobile hyper-targeted digital advertising.