Insights Round Up: Sept & Oct 2015


September and October were busy months at Future Flow Media! We published a ton of new insights and they’re all here in one mega post. Make sure you’re the first to know when we have new insights by signing up for alerts on the right hand side of the page.


1. How TV and Digital Video Work Together – Hear from industry experts on how to best integrate your TV and digital video media. Read Post

2. The Difference Between Cookie and ID Targeting – One is about devices, the other is about people. Which is better for you? Read Post

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3. Viewability and Online Success – Best practices for ad viewability and measuring success. Read Post


4. 3 Ways to Not Poison the Pool – What are the best ways of increasing hyper-targeted audience reach and engagement? Read Post

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5. How to Enforce Accountability in Automotive Campaigns – Learn how automotive marketers can ensure accountability when using outside partners for conquesting campaigns. Read Post

Automotive Campaigns


6. Winning the Micro-Moments Battle – Micro-moments are happening along the customer decision journey. Brands need to anticipate them and be there with relevant information or risk falling behind. Read Post



7. How Research & Data Shape Your Message – Email is still huge for Tourism marketers, just ask West Virginia. Read Post



8. iOS 9 and the Mobile Ad-Blocking Dilemma – How will iOS 9 affect mobile advertisers and publishers? Read Post