Millennials Find Products via Email More Than Other Age Groups


Millennials are using retailer emails more than other age groups to find products and services. 43% of Millennials have increased engagement with retailer emails the past six months compared to 32% of other shoppers, according to Epsilon’s new shopper behavior study. This isn’t too surprising because Millennials check email more than other age groups, and do it on their mobile device which is the more effective context for email engagement. We expanded more on those details in this post: This is How to Reach Millennials

Not only are they using email more than ever to research and influence purchase decisions, but have also turned to other “old school” channels the past six months:

  • 47% of Millennials used more printable coupons in the past six months compared to 34% of other shoppers.
  • Nearly 53% of Millennials used daily deals compared with 34% of others.
  • Almost 56% of Millennials increased their use of price comparison sites.
  • 51% of Millennials also increased direct searches to brand sites.


Post based on AdWeek article.