5 Reasons Your Campaigns Are Missing the Mark

You think you have a great email address list, either your own subscribers or a high quality email list rental. Maybe you even have a pretty good open rate, but that isn’t enough. People just aren’t clicking through. Why don’t recipients find your targeted email advertising campaign compelling? Here are a few possibilities:

1) It’s too complicated. If reading your email takes work, most recipients simply won’t bother. People have incredibly short attention spans and better things on which to spend their energy than reading your long, convoluted email. To avoid this problem, have one clear goal in each email and present it in a straightforward manner. Don’t overload the reader with information and details. You don’t need to provide all the information at once. In fact, you’ll get more click-throughs if you keep it simple and create some curiosity.

2) Your content isn’t meaningful to your audience. If you want your emails to be compelling, provide content that is highly relevant to a precisely-targeted audience. Start by segmenting your list into specific demographic, psychographic, and┬ábehavioral groups. Targeted email advertising lists can be very helpful because they have the detailed data on recipient profiles that lets you segment by hundreds of different attributes. Then do a little research to determine what content they might find compelling. Try talking to your target readership or take a look at the other sources of information they’re reading to get some ideas.

3) It’s forgettable. If someone is intrigued by your offer but puts aside the email for later, chances are they will never return to it. According to Marketing Profs, 70% of customer action takes place on the day the email is sent. Therefore, it’s rewarding to create a sense of immediacy in your offer, by putting a deadline on it for example.

4) You have no personality. A strong brand-identity is what makes you stand out from your competitors. Put some thought into the tone of your email and to things like colour schemes and images. A strong brand identity will help customers feel a connection to your company.

5) You’re going off of guesswork. Targeted email advertising is a science. Instead of speculating about why your campaign is getting a greater or lesser response and what you should change, do a few simple tests, like A/B split testing, to optimize your campaigns. Research shows that email marketers who do regular testing have higher conversion rates than those who don’t.

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