Email Advertisers Should Stop Ignoring Mobile


“75% of Americans simply delete emails if they aren’t optimized for mobile”

Email campaigns with responsive mobile designs see dramatically higher results. Consumer engagement with email messages are largely influenced by the email’s design. Emails optimized for mobile reading achieve 24% higher clicks on average. Full responsive design emails see click-to-open rates increase by 55% on mobile devices and 23% on desktop.

Revenue growth is directly impacted by how people interact with email messages on mobile devices. Mobile was responsible for a quarter of all email-driven revenue in the 2015 holiday shopping season. Online mobile purchases increased 15% year-over-year in Q4 of 2015 compared to only 13% for desktop. It shouldn’t be surprising how critical mobile design is for driving email advertising ROI.

Mobile holds a major share in the email advertising world with 69% of all opens happening on a mobile device, compared to fewer than a third of opens on desktop only. Marketers are missing huge opportunities to gain customers and build awareness because only 17% use responsive design in every single email. This is critical for digital campaign success because 75% of Americans simply delete emails if they aren’t optimized for mobile.


Post based on MediaPost article