Tourism Campaign

Delivering Results for State Tourism Boards.
The Problem: Wasting Money With Spray and Pray Email List Providers.

A major State Tourism Board and its agency were under pressure to boost website traffic, increase online referrals to their destination partners, and—ultimately—grow tourism visits to their state. Having experimented with several email list rental providers, they weren’t getting results. Deliverability rates were extremely suspect and open/click rates were very disappointing.

They determined the problem was a result of stale, inaccurate, un-targeted data. Too many email addresses were invalid or no longer active, and recipients were not sufficiently targeted for their ideal audience. The Tourism Board felt burned, they wasted six months of media budget, and had nothing to show for it. Their agency also came off looking bad.

THE Solution

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising

Their agency turned to Future Flow Media’s Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising. They were attracted to our full-service consulting expertise, signature campaign methodology, and unique permission marketing database.

Because email data typically has a shelf life of only a few months before it becomes stale, Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising uses automated cleansing algorithms that check email validity and all profile data, enabling a massive database to be refreshed and updated every 30-90 days. The data is so fresh and accurate that Future Flow Media guarantees 100% email delivery.

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising also painstakingly cross-references and expands each subscriber record to include 150 demographic and psychographic data points—providing almost infinite ways to segment the audience to precisely match specific customer profiles.

The Results

100% Email Delivery. Response Rate Doubled. A Dramatic Increase in Site Visits.

Working with Future Flow Media, the State Tourism Board and their agency were able to deliver targeted email advertising to their ideal audience: mid-income families with young children, living within driving distance of their state, with interests in specific seasonal outdoor activities, and a history of responding to online offers.

The campaigns using Future Flow Media’s fresh, accurate permission email marketing data delivered.

Thanks to precise audience targeting, subscribers eagerly received highly relevant messages.

  • 100% email delivery
  • Response rate doubled
  • Website visits rose dramatically
  • Qualified web conversions increased
  • Referrals to tourism destination partners grew
  • Campaign goals were exceeded, as measured and demonstrated by online behavioral tracking
  • Visits and tourism activity in the state expanded

Thrilled with the results, the State Tourism Board invested in a long-term exclusive partnership with Future Flow Media for hyper-targeted email advertising.

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