Record-Breaking Performance and Engagement
The Situation: Global Pandemic

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a state tourism department found success and broke records. Leisure travel was either restricted or discouraged in many jurisdictions and people were hesitant to venture far away from home. With fewer travel options and less demand from consumers, the challenge was to identify and reach the travelers who were willing to explore destinations that were available.

THE Solution

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising

We helped the state tourism department’s agency identify and reach consumers in key markets who were currently interested in domestic leisure travel.

The brand launched multiple focused campaigns

  • – In-State and Near-State
  • – Regional for Road Trip Vacationers
  • – Strategic Cross Country Markets

Campaign Planning Highlights

  • Audience Targeting: Geography, Age, Travel Interest + Travel Type
  • Campaign Flights: Nov, 2020 – Sept, 2021
  • 26.5 Million Emails Sent, 15% Opens, 2.3% Clicks

The Results

Record-Breaking Performance

– Outperformed all other media channels (Display, Social, Publications)
– Drove record traffic to state tourism website
– Unprecedented engagement, time-on-site activity, and bookings

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