The Power of Hyper-Targeted Email to Reach B2B Customers.
The Problem: How to Market New B2B Products When Traditional Channels Don’t Work.

When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building products introduced a new commercial product line in a completely different category, they faced a significant hurdle. They needed to expand awareness of the new products by engaging targeted customers with educational information and compelling offers. Unfortunately, their target buyers including property managers, facility managers, and construction contractors proved very difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels. Trade shows and industry publications had insufficient access and reach to their new customer audience.

There wasn’t an obvious, cost-effective way to reach this specific set of decision makers.

The Solution

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising Successfully Delivered Relevant Messages to Property Managers and Contractors.

The client’s agency tapped Future Flow Media to try permission-based targeted email advertising as a new channel to engage this hard-to-reach audience. Using our hyper-targeted email advertising database with detailed profiles for over 51 million business subscribers, the client now had the unprecedented ability to target B2B messages using various criteria, including:

  • Industry
  • Company size and revenue
  • Job title/role
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Geography and more

Empowered with this audience targeting and message delivery capability, and the full-service support from the Future Flow Media team, the agency crafted and executed permission-based email campaigns to:

  • Create new product awareness
  • Provide special offers and promotions
  • Drive direct response calls and orders

The Results

A Rise in Brand Awareness. Increased Orders. Dramatic Growth in Their Email Marketing List.

Thanks to Future Flow Media, the campaigns hit the mark. Compelling messages and offers successfully got the attention of the otherwise hard-to-reach facility managers and contractors responsible for relevant purchase decisions. The agency was able to test multiple offers and creative approaches while measuring campaign effectiveness and overall ROI.

The Optimized Campaigns Yielded:

  • 100% email delivery
  • A record-setting number of coupon and information kit downloads
  • A significant lift in brand awareness and interactions
  • Increased orders through direct response
  • A dramatic growth in the company’s email opt-in list that enabled subsequent cross-selling and remarketing campaigns

Delighted with the role that hyper-targeted email advertising played as a catalyst for the growth of their new product line, the company committed to an ongoing permission email advertising strategy. The agency selected Future Flow Media as their preferred partner for future projects with all of their clients.

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