Hotel Case Study

A 3000% ROI and Increase in Total Room Nights Booked.
The Problem: Empty Rooms, Disappointing Sales, and Lackluster Advertising.

A hotel chain found themselves with disappointing sales and lackluster results from their traditional advertising methods.

Some of the major issues included:

  • Drop in revenue per available room (RevPAR) due to empty rooms
  • Fierce competition from OTAs (Online Travel Agents)
  • Low brand preference
  • Decrease in repeat guest ratio

To make matters worse, this trend continued even after multiple attempts, and significant marketing spend, on digital media to reach new customers. Competing hotels were reaching customers more effectively using digital advertising, taking away valuable market share. The hotel was using the wrong tools for the job.

THE Solution

A Hyper-Targeted Email Initiative to Get in Front of the Right Audience.

Future Flow Media reviewed the client’s current campaigns and advised them on email advertising best practices and how to use our permission marketing capabilities to plan and execute new campaigns. Hyper-targeted audience segments were selected based on travel history, demographics, interest, and household income. Personalized and relevant offers were crafted and delivered to eager recipients using better data, precise targeting, and campaign performance optimization.

The Results

3000% ROI.

Using Future Flow Media’s signature campaign methodology, the hotel surpassed all their success goals for the campaign. Our optimization and best-in-class permission email data led to increased website traffic and a record number of direct bookings. The hotel’s brand was once again a crucial part of customers’ travel plans.

3,000% ROI On:

  • Total Room Nights Booked
  • Average Revenue Per Reservation
  • Average Daily Guest Spend
  • ROI Per Guest

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