Cross-Channel Hyper-Targeting

Using Cross-Channel Hyper-Targeting to Reach More Customers.
The Problem: Do Digital Campaigns Reach the Same People Across Different Channels?

Advertisers came to Future Flow Media with a pervasive problem — they were running campaigns using multiple channels without knowing if the same people were being reached across the media mix. This siloed approach made it very difficult to see the effects of campaigns across different channels. Also, each advertising network used different targeting data with limited options. We were tasked with running hyper-targeted campaigns where the same people who received email and direct mail would also be served ads across display networks and social media.

The Solution

Using One-To-One Data to Target Customers Across Channels.

The Future Flow Media team developed Cross Channel Audiences that targeted individuals with permission email campaigns, but could also be used to create matching audiences for direct mail, display, and social media ads. The Cross Channel datasets matched 50-80% of the same people across social and display channels so they could be served digital ads supporting the multi-touch campaign. This integrated approach enabled us to connect the dots on the effectiveness of each channel for the matching one-to-one audiences.

The Results

A Huge Campaign Success.

Using our hyper-targeting data to reach the same people across isolated media channels, we were able to generate a 66% increase in conversions. Web analytics confirmed that our email campaigns delivered high-quality shoppers to our advertiser’s site. Finally, we were able to demonstrate that one-to-one audience integration across channels dramatically increased measurable engagement and conversions.

  • Ads using Future Flow Media’s hyper-targeting data converted two thirds (66%) higher
  • Analytics confirmed emails delivered high-quality shoppers to the website
  • One-To-One cross-channel integration dramatically increased measurable engagement and conversions

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