Automotive Conquest Campaign

Reaching Qualified Leads With High Engagement and Sales.
The Problem: Low Vehicle Sales, Reduced Showroom Traffic, and a Lack of Qualified Web Leads.

Dealership managers and brand marketers were concerned about stagnant sales and needed a way to get more qualified customers into the dealership. Their agency asked Future Flow Media to develop and implement turnkey conquest and branding campaigns.

THE Solution

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising

Future Flow Media developed and rolled out a program that:

Selected audiences of targeted in-market consumers who live in each focus region.

Distributed emails to the hyper-targeted audiences with competitive messaging based on advantages over competitors’ makes/models.

Launched 30-90 day programs in each market with maximum impact using the most effective mix of email frequency, timing, and optimization driven by Future Flow Media’s extensive experience and expertise.

The Results

An Increase in Sales Across Multiple Channels.

After completing a post-campaign analysis, they observed:

  • Increased monthly sales of 5-10% based on sales match-back attribution data
  • Behavioral patterns measured on the website indicated high engagement and relevance to the offer
  • Other media channels benefited from the integrated multi-touch strategy to maximize engagement with best customer audiences

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