Dealership Profit Center Sees Record-Breaking ROI.
The Situation

Auto dealer service departments account for roughly half of gross profits for dealerships1.

The dramatic growth in used vehicle registrations in 2021 presented an opportunity to capture a larger aftersales customer audience. Not only are there more used cars on the road, people are keeping used vehicles for longer periods of time, and ideal aftersales customers are owners of vehicles that are 6 to 12 years old. A national automotive brand’s agency approached Future Flow Media to help them reach, activate, and convert this highly profitable and growing consumer market.



THE Solution

Reach Vehicle Owners Not Already in OEM’s Customer Database.

 We helped the OEM’s agency identify vehicle owners in Future Flow Media’s hyper-targeted advertising database the advertiser did not have in their customer CRM. Targeting data was overlayed including key model years (6 to 12 years old), geographical proximity to brand dealerships, and owners who are in-market for parts and service.

The brand launched campaigns including multi-channel touchpoints and offers. 

– 400k hyper-targeted consumers reached over a few months
– Touchpoints included
        – Direct mail sends
        – Personalized email sends
        – Coupons and complimentary services
        – Call-to-action directing customers to local dealer service pages

The Results

Record-Breaking ROI.

  • Email Open Rate: 12-14%
  • Email Click Rate: 2-2.5%
  • Customer Response Rate: 2%
  • Repair Order Average: >$500
  • ROI: $175 to $1
  • Millions in Added Revenue

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