Why Use Us?

Your email list rental initiatives demand attention to detail in reference to the creative content you are using to attract your target demographics. We will take the extra steps needed to make your marketing collateral irresistible to your audience. We are email marketing experts and a full-service digital marketing agency. If needed, Future Flow Media can provide best practices recommendations to enable clients to integrate mobile and email marketing campaigns with custom microsites, online contests, coupons, and social media programs. Does your current list rental provider do that? We doubt it, but we are here to provide extraordinary service and support so you can take the credit. Our higher level of support and additional service options are just the beginning. You can also rest assured because we provide the following:

100% Opt-in Contacts Only

We guarantee that all our contacts are 100% permission-based. Therefore, all the contacts on these lists have given their permission to be mailed to through a double opt-in process. This means that our lists see higher than industry average open and click-through rates. It also means that all your mailings will be CAN-SPAM compliant.

Better Response Rates and Up-to-Date Lists

Our directories are updated every 30 to 90 days guaranteeing deliverability while other lists can experience bounce rates of 10 – 15%. Furthermore, you will not pay for bounced messages; we will only charge you for “delivered” totals.


Our experienced consultants have skills needed to boost the overall quality of email marketing campaigns — resulting in new customers, an expanded marketing database, and increased brand loyalty.

Permission-Based Directories

While your organically grown in-house lists should be your primary source of leads, it is also important to have methods to grow your lists and acquire new leads. Our contact directories do just that. They allow you to reach new audiences that you might otherwise not have been able to reach with the aim of acquiring new lead contacts.

  • Through our permission-based email marketing directories, you will have access to business and consumer audiences from across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • You can also use our services to test market to different audiences in demographics you’ve never reached out to before. You can even test new products and service offers before launching them to your established customers.
  • Our directories open up a whole new world of audiences and demographics for your company.