White Paper: A New Media Buying Tactic for Hard-to-Reach Segments

February 21, 2012

a new media buying tactic for hard to reach segementsAs a media buyer, your clients need you to find new ways to get their message in front of the right people. That can be difficult when the target is a very specific, hard-to-reach segment. F500 marketers and leading agencies have recently overcome this challenge with a new take on an old tactic: email list rental has experienced a rebirth and emerged as a powerful, high-integrity marketing strategy to reach large, receptive audiences.

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising delivers:

  • Absolute subscriber permission integrity
  • Vast audience reach
  • Precise targeting thanks to 150 subscriber profile attributes
  • Recipient relevance
  • 100% subscriber data accuracy and 30-90 day freshness
  • 100% email delivery
  • 50% or greater boost in open and click performance
  • Expert, high-touch service

To learn more about this new form of targeted email advertising, read the full white paper: Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising: A New Weapon to Help Your Clients Reach Precisely-Targeted Audiences >

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