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Future Flow Media publishes case study of email list rental usage in the healthcare and wellness sectors

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Future Flow Media released a case study on the use of targeted email advertising by healthcare providers and wellness companies. According to the publication, more people are researching and making their own healthcare and wellness product purchase decisions than ever before. The report describes how this has created an opportunity for marketers who can successfully engage consumers with relevant, personalized information at the right time.

The Healthcare and Wellness Spotlight outlines a new form of hyper-targeted email advertising from Future Flow Media called Enriched Email List Rental. The service enables the precise delivery of tailored messages to consumers who live in a given region with narrow demographic profiles and specific pre-existing health conditions. For example: companies trying to recruit more men into a weight loss program can reach males who are overweight, live in a defined area, and have previously enrolled in competitive weight-loss programs, and insurance companies can reach families with young children who recently moved into a specific neighborhood to subscribe them to a hospital insurance plan.

This new approach uses a large CAN-SPAM compliant opt-in email address list of 70 million subscribers that has been augmented with 150 fields of demographic, psychographic and personal health data points. It enables marketers to target consumers with specific health concerns including: sufferers of addiction (alcoholism, gambling, etc); over-weight people; the chronically ill (diabetes, angina, etc); baby boomers, new families, retirees; and dozens of other characteristics.

“U.S. healthcare reform is causing more consumers to make their own purchase decisions for healthcare insurance, and the protracted economic slowdown is driving more consumers to take other aspects of their health into their own hands. This creates challenges—and opportunities—for marketers of healthcare services and wellness products. With over 150 data selects on 70 million consumers in our email address list database, healthcare providers and wellness product companies can precisely deliver very specific offers to the most receptive audience. With this new type of hyper-targeted email advertising, marketers can cost-effectively target the customers of their competitors, deliver relevant offers to people with specific health ailments and needs, test market different offers, grow in-house opt-in email address lists, and more,” said Chris O’Neill, Principal Consultant at Future Flow Media.

The healthcare and wellness industry hyper-targeted email advertising publication is available on the Future Flow Media website, along with email marketing spotlights on other industries such as: retail, tourism, financial services, nonprofit, telecom, and automotive.

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