Track Advertising Impact on Vehicle Sales

Future Flow Media launches service that identifies which new car customers previously received hyper-targeted email advertising.

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Future Flow Media, a provider of hyper-targeted email advertising services, announced that it has expanded its program for automotive dealerships with a new performance tracking service that enables dealers to view their sales records each month and know which recipients of their email ad campaigns ultimately purchased a vehicle from them.

The Future Flow Media automotive dealer program begins with the compilation of a hyper-targeted list of recipients who match the dealership’s ideal customer profile and are most likely to be in-market for a new vehicle purchase. The high-integrity database includes hundreds of demographic, psychographics, and vehicle ownership data points for over 30 million permission-based subscribers. It enables dealers to select recipients based on: vehicle ownership details, gender, age, and dozens of other demographics such as income range, net worth, credit rating, marital status, presence of children, car-related interests and hobbies, history of shopping online for cars and other products, and dozens of other characteristics. Dealers use this ability to craft customized offers to very specific audiences, driving qualified visitors to their website landing pages. Future Flow Media provides the name and postal address information of people who received each email ad campaign. Dealers compare that data with their sales records to identify matches, positively identifying individuals that purchased a vehicle from them that were exposed to each delivered email ad.

“There is an old saying among advertising executives: ‘I know that half of our advertising budget is wasted, but I don’t know which half.’ That is particularly true in the world of automotive dealership marketing. Successful dealerships invest in a multi-channel mix of advertising that spans TV, radio, newspaper, and online tactics. They know that advertising drives showroom visits, but they don’t know which elements are effective and which are a waste of money. This new sales record match-back service provides the hard data that dealerships need to make advertising decisions that yield the greatest impact on their sales results,” said Chris O’Neill, Principal Consultant at Future Flow Media.

More information on the use of hyper-targeted email advertising and the match-back service in the automotive industry are available on the Future Flow Media website, along with spotlights on other industries such as: retail, tourism, financial services, nonprofit, healthcare & wellness, and more.

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