In-the-Trenches View of Ad Blocking

April 13, 2016

Written by Chris O’Neill | @chrisoneillpro


A recent poll of my network revealed how in-the-trenches media professionals are dealing with the growing issue of ad blocking. Responses showed diverse approaches to what could be the biggest hurdle for digital media this year. Here is a summary of what industry leaders had to say.


How are media professionals dealing with this issue?

  • Diversifying across media channels so issues with display will have less impact
  • Deciding that people who choose to block ads aren’t a qualified audience anyway
  • Increasing native, social, email, and blog efforts because they are not blocked
  • Relying on outside media partners to manage the situation
  • Using this as a wakeup call to re-evaluate opportunities for effective non-display tactics


What work still needs to be done?

  • Identify qualified people without ad blockers to ensure they get added to targeting pools
  • Know definitively how many people actually use ad blocking, to accurately quantify potential impact

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