How We Work

Choosing Demographics

The success of your digital marketing campaign depends largely on how well you target your list. Future Flow Media consultants can help you to use list “selects” to find targets by geographic area, income, gender, title, industry, and other options. Some of the most popular targeting criteria include:

  • Groups such as students, senior citizens, families, etc.
  • Demographics by age and gender
  • Geographical targeting by zip/postal code, town, region, country
  • Special interest categories such as finance, travel, sports, communications
  • Income groups by income bracket
  • Residential status including home owners, renters, living with family
  • Number of people in a household

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With hundreds of targeting categories available, we would be happy to help you capture your intended audience.

Choosing the Right Campaign

Depending on the goals of your digital marketing campaign, you may choose to offer a sweepstakes or contest, registration for a free seminar or white paper, a coupon, or just encourage recipients to sign up for your email marketing program. The key to choosing the right campaign requires consideration of what your goals are and who your audience is. It is also important to remember that better responses usually result from a clear call to action. Incentives such as printable coupons don’t hurt either. Whatever your goals or target audience, the consultants and Future Flow Media can help you engage in the right type of campaign to ensure that your specific marketing needs are met.

Development and Testing

The team at Future Flow Media will prepare your email marketing campaign for launch to ensure that it is error-free and renders properly across multiple browsers and email clients. We will send tests directly to you for approval and give you the opportunity to request revisions. This means that your campaign will be perfect at launch time.