Digital Auto Sales


Sell More Vehicles with Proven ROI Every Month

Increase your reach to qualified buyers and in-market auto shoppers.
Send your offers via hyper-targeted email, mobile, social, and digital media.

People actively shopping for a vehicle will see your ads in the right place at the right time.

Drive intenders to your online showroom to shop your deals.
Influence shopping decisions at key moments through the purchase journey.
Sell more vehicles.  Increase ROI on sales match and reduce cost per vehicle sold (often less than $300 per sale).



Performance Guarantee


  Guaranteed quality web traffic volume (2%+ ctr)

  No-bot guarantee

  Transparency with sales match ROI



Case Study


Problem: Dealership managers were concerned about low vehicle sales, reduced showroom traffic, and a lack of qualified web leads.


Solution: They asked Future Flow Media to launch turnkey conquest marketing campaigns.

  • Selected audiences of targeted in-market auto shoppers who live in dealership’s area.
  • Distributed emails and digital ads to the hyper-targeted audiences with competitive offers.
  • Launched 30-90 day programs with maximum impact using the most effective mix of digital ad frequency, timing, and optimization driven by Future Flow Media’s extensive experience and expertise.



  • Increased monthly sales of 5-10% and reduced cost per vehicle sold, based on sales match-back attribution data.
  • Behavioral patterns measured on the website proved high engagement and relevance to the offers.
  • Other media channels benefited from the integrated multi-touch strategy to maximize engagement with best customer audiences.



Here’s how it works


1. Choose your plan


Base: $3k/month
– 1 campaign up to 50,000 shoppers
– Turbo Traffic Guarantee (2%+ CTR)

Sport: $5k/month
– 2 campaigns in a month up to 50,000 shoppers
– Turbo Traffic Guarantee (2%+ CTR)
– Expanded ROI sales match

Luxury: $7,500/month
– 3 campaigns in a month up to 50,000 shoppers
– Turbo Traffic Guarantee (2%+ CTR)
– Expanded ROI sales match



2. Upload your best offers


Setup your campaign in minutes with our painless campaign portal.



3. Report monthly sales


Send us a sales file from your DMS/CRM and we’ll confirm which sales came from your campaign.