7 Questions About Your Email Advertising Partner

Bringing a new digital partner onboard, evaluating current vendors, or testing the waters with other providers can be a daunting task. There’s even more at stake when your mission-critical campaign work is involved. Some partners do a great job and some leave a disaster in their wake. The questions listed below draw on the stories and experiences from clients who have worked with various email advertising partners over the years.

Easy to Work With

Do they make it easy for you to plan and buy campaigns? Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain campaign concepts (segmentation, creative versions, reporting splits, etc) to a company that’s supposedly been in the business for a long time. They should quickly understand your requirements without you having to spell it out or basically fill out their order form for them.

Do they provide assistance during the planning/buying process by offering advice or expertise? Reputable partners should have a working knowledge of what’s good or bad for your campaign. They should be able and willing to share best practices, performance optimization tips, and show an understanding of how outside factors influence campaign results.

Do they give you good value for your dollar? The cheapest vendors usually give you what you pay for and others seem to undervalue their own work (why is that?). Price is important and competition is fierce, so it’s key to look at the whole picture of value added services, campaign expertise, data quality, and your end-to-end experience working with them to assess value.

Do they make you feel confident they understand what you’re doing? It’s one thing to run counts and fill out an order – it’s another to get their head wrapped around what’s important to you and how you’re going to get there. The best in the business take the time to be smart and thoughtful about every step of working together to advance your success.

Flawless Execution

Are they more organized than you with campaign elements? There can be a lot of moving parts such as creatives, segments, custom data requirements, multiple subject lines, test/seed lists, reporting details, and the list goes on. If you have to throw these details in your partner’s general direction, they should make it obvious that all these mission-critical elements are organized and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Are they using a proven campaign methodology to ensure success? Too many companies decide to “wing it” in campaign production and the errors that pile up become acceptable to them over time. A clearly documented process that’s an expression of their business philosophy and desire for excellence can make all the difference in the world.

Superior Results

Is campaign traffic consistent with the behaviors and activity of real people? Accountability is key for protecting brand integrity and driving the results you’re paying for. Measures should always be taken to weed out fraudulent clicks, evaluate what “normal” results should look like, and verify post-campaign reporting data wherever possible.

Are you ready for a partner who’s easy to work with, delivers flawless execution, and drives superior results?  Get in touch now to see how Future Flow Media can support your email advertising campaigns.

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